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#1: Michael Ward Rooney (bottom left) and Margaret Murphy (bottom right) wedding photo (she made the dress!!!). Eden Valley, MN, 1896. Two people standing are unknown.

Michael Rooney and Margaret Murphy wedding photo, 1896

#2: Michael Ward Rooney (son of Thomas) and Michael J Rooney (son of John) frequently traveled to Montana to hunt buffalo or to trap animals for the hides and furs, which they sold back in Minnesota. Michael J Rooney was referred to as "Sheep Mountain Mike", by his Minnesota family, because of his frequent trips to Montana. Ironically, he was called "Gray Mike" by his Montana relatives to distinguish him from Michael T. Rooney (son of Patrick), who was known as "Black Mike". All three Michael Rooney's, sons of Daddy Mick and Mammy Kitty, we born within a few years of each other. This photo is Sheep Mountain Mike Rooney.

Sheep Mountain Mike Rooney

#3: Tombstone of Michael "Daddy Mick" Rooney and his grandson, Joseph Rooney, St. Camillus Cemetery, Farrellton, Quebec. The original tombstone is shown on the left. Since the tombstone was broken, a replacement tombstone was put in its place to last for years to come.

Original Daddy Mick tombstone, St. Camillus Cemetery Current Daddy Mick tombstone, St. Camillus Cemetery

#4: William (left) and Hugh (right) Rooney, sons of John Rooney, 1934. William died in 1938 at the age of 76, while Hugh lived until 1948, when he died at the age of 94. Hugh was the last surviving child of John and Mary Rooney.

Will and Hugh Rooney, 1934

#5: Michael Ward Rooney is holding his two children, Mary & Francis, in front of the Padua Post Office. The child standing on the left is Robert Babcock Rooney, one of the orphans who came to Padua on an orphan train from New York and was adopted by Michael and Margaret Murphy Rooney. Margaret's brother, William Murphy, is standing on the left. William was the postmaster and had a bit of a store there as well. The photo was taken about 1902.

Padua Post Office, 1902

#6: Tombstone of John and Mary Rooney, in the Padua Cemetery.

John and Mary Rooney tombstone John Rooney tombstone side close-up John Rooney tribute Mary Rooney tombstone side close-up

#7: Catherine E. Rooney Killeen. Born 1823 in Ireland. After emigrating to Canada, she married (Bunan) Patrick Killeen, 17 Feb 1851, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Upper Wakefield, Quebec, Canada. She died in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. Her body was brought back to Minnesota for burial in St. Anthony of Padua Cemetery, Padua, MN.

Catherine Rooney Killeen

#8: Will Martin and his uncle, Hugh Rooney (grandson and son of John, respectively), about 1920.

Will Martin and his uncle, Hugh Rooney, about 1920

#9: Margaret Murphy Rooney, wife of Michael Ward Rooney, and their children, taken 1939. Mary, sitting with Margaret; Ambrose, Francis and Helen standing.

Margeret Murphy Rooney and children, 1939

#10: Map of Raymond Township, Stearns County, Minnesota, 1880.

Raymond Township map, 1880

#11: Tin-type photo of Hugh Rooney (standing), son of John, and Michael Ward Rooney (sitting), son of Thomas. The tin type was found at the Rooney Century Farm, just north of the church in Padua, Minnesota. Helen Rooney Felling believed the photo must have been taken when Michael & Hugh went buffalo hunting in Montana ... it's precious as it is the only photo of Michael as a young man.

Hugh and Michael Ward Rooney

#12: Mary Jane Callahan (daughter of Mary), Elizabeth McKenna and Patrick J. (Pat) Killeen (son of Catherine) on iceberg near Juneau, AK, ca 1890 (other two women unknown).

Mary Jane Callahan, Elizabeth McKenna and Patrick J. (Pat) Killeen near Juneau, AK, ca 1890

#13: Another tin-type photo found at the Padua Rooney Century Farm with the Michael and Hugh tin-type is believed to be Mammy Kitty. Helen Rooney Felling deliberated over the image at great length ... she finally decided it had to be Mammy Kitty but she was never absolutely certain as there was no one with whom to consult. The tin type age and the fact that it was the oldest image at our Padua Rooney farm (and definitely not a Murphy) led Helen to solemnly decide in about 1970 (she was VERY thoughtful about this decision) that it was Mammy Kitty (Catherine Caulfield Rooney). It is unknown when the photo was taken, but she appears to be wearing a widow's cap and her husband, Daddy Mick, died in 1857.

Mammy Kitty

#14: Will and Helena Rooney family, 1925. (Click on the image for names of individuals in the photo.)

Will Rooney family, 1925

#15: Patrick Killeen, son of Catherine Rooney Killeen and Mary Jane Callahan, daughter of Mary Rooney Callahan, Glenwood, MN, 1880.

Patrick Killeen and Mary Jane Callahan, 1880

#16: Mary Rooney Landwehr, 1871-1963, daughter of Thomas Rooney, half-sister to Michael Ward Rooney ... much loved by the family. Photo credit: W.B. Brooks, Sauk Centre, Minn

Mary Rooney Landwehr

#17: Thomas T. Rooney, ca. 1903. Thomas was a son of John and Mary Rooney, born in Wakefield Township, Quebec, in 1859.

Thomas T. Rooney, ca. 1903

Background: The original background of the photo collage is a present day photo of the land near Farrellton, Quebec, cleared and farmed by Michael Rooney and his brother, John Rooney. Also included with the original is the approximate location of the land, relative to Farrellton.

Michael Rooney farm near Farrellton, Quebec