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Welcome to rooneys-minnesota.com. This website is dedicated to the "Minnesota" Rooneys and their ancestors. The history and genealogy information included on this site centers around the Rooney families who - after living a short time near Ottawa, Canada, following their emigration from Ireland - eventually settled in the central part of Minnesota around the mid-1860's.

We are now well into our second decade of working on this project and have received excellent feedback from many of our visitors. These connections have helped our genealogy research within Minnesota, around the United States, and as far away as Ireland, France, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia. The content of these webpages hasn't changed much over the years, but we continue to maintain our family tree and update it when new information is uncovered, and we're now working on adding extensive information on some descendants of the original immigrants. If you have Rooney family information that you would like to have included on this site, please contact us.

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More to come soon, including information on the Michael Ward Rooney Ancestral Farm.